DCFS Attorneys and Lawyers Los Angeles

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If your child have been removed, it may be a good idea to consult with DCFS attorneys and lawyers in Los Angeles. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right lawyer for your case matter. RepresentYou.com is a State Bar of California-certififed lawyer referral service. We attempt to help connect people to experienced legal help or organizations that may be able to offer assistance.

In Los Angeles County, approximately 1000 children are taken each month. State law requires a trial within 15 days to ensure that only abused and neglected children are separated from their families and put in foster care. To that end, each child and each parent has a court appointed attorney. Sometimes, parents are not satisfied with the work done by their court-appointed lawyer. In these situations, it can often be a good idea to hire a private attorney for your case. Some have reported a higher rate of success with the help of an experienced private attorney.

DCFS Attorneys and Lawyers Los Angeles

Often times, children come to court because a parent has been accused of  hurting them or not taken care of them. This is known as a juvenile dependency case. Until a child is over the legal age, he or she is dependent on adults and needs their protection. If a parent is deemed unfit to take care of their child properly, the juvenile court may step in and the child may become “dependent” on the court for safeguarding. When this happens, the child may have to live with relatives or another family for awhile. Sometimes parents can’t make their home safe for the child. Then the judge and others may have to find another home where the child can live safely for a long time. They make a permanent plan for a child.

Or sometimes, the courts will set up a temporary family which is often referred to as a foster care family. Usually, parents want to have their child live with them. The judge and social workers will work with parents to make their home healthy and safe. If they succeed, then the child can move back home with the parents. This is called reunification.

If involved in a DCFS case in Los Angeles, you may want to contact an experienced DCFS lawyer. A Juvenile Dependency attorney may be able to provide the assistance you need to successfully regain custody of your child in Los Angeles. RepresentYou.com has a panel of DCFS attorneys with a minimum of 20 years experience practicing law. If you feel the need to hire a private dependency lawyer for your Los Angeles DCFS case, contact RepresentYou.com today.

Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Lawyers

If you have been accused of anything above or need a lawyer to fight Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) in Los Angeles, you need to find the best dependency attorney available. At RepresentYou.com we may be able to help you find lawyers who have years of experience fighting in the Monterey Park courthouse against DCFS in juvenile dependency court. At RepresentYou.com we offer lawyers with a minimum of 20 years of experience fighting in juvenile dependency court against the Department of Children and Family Services DCFS lawyers. Child Protective services can often make a mistake and your Juvenile Dependency Lawyer may have the ability to resolve your legal matter quickly and get your children out of the system or foster care.

DCFS Attorneys and Lawyers Los Angeles
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