Choosing a Child Services Attorney is Important.

If you have been the victim of Child Services and live in California, please let us help you find a Juvenile Dependency Attorney. These attorneys can potentially represent you in juvenile court and fight for you throughout an on going dependency process. A juvenile dependency lawyer may help you get your children back very quickly. Juvenile dependency attorneys are very expensive, require a retainer and work on your case hourly. If you can afford to pay for an attorney please call (888-973-7968) or fill out our Child Services Information Form.

In very specific cases with certain circumstances, it may be possible to sue child services for wrongful actions. Although it can be extremely difficult to prove grounds for a lawsuit, If you have any questions about our panel member attorneys lawsuits please read our child services lawsuits FAQ.

Outside of California is a State Bar Lawyer referral service. Our panel member attorneys may be able to assist with a child services case. What clients the law firms attorneys can help is at the sole discretion of the law firm, we only have general knowledge of what cases they will take and not take. If you live outside of California, you should contact a local attorney to discuss your case and get legal advice about your statute of limitations and the intricacies of your legal matter. We are not a law firm and cannot give legal advise or assist you directly with a legal matter.

You should contact a local attorney on your own to discuss your case and get legal advice about your statute of limitations and the intricacies of your legal matter. Currently our lawsuits are not class actions, the law firm plans to sue on behalf of individual plaintiffs who have been victims of child services, the courts or the foster care system.

Please Read our Child Services FAQ for additional information

Will you take my case?

What clients the law firms attorneys can help is at the sole discretion of the law firm, we do not have any influence over the law firm’s decision to take a case or not.

Filing a lawsuit is very complicated due to the nature of the complaint and the different State laws and statutory restrictions. In addition to this, our law firms have many restrictions on what types of plaintiffs they’re willing to represent in their child services lawsuits. This does not mean that your particular situation or legal maters are without merit, they simply do not fit into our lawsuits.

Common Reasons For Denial:

  1. Your legal matter is totally unrelated to our child services lawsuits: Read about our child services lawsuits.
  2. You’re a bad plaintiff, your serious criminal record, violent history or previous child abuse disqualifies you.
  3. You have no right to make a claim.
  4. A parent actually harmed their child
  5. Someone in the house was neglecting or abusing the child.
  6. A child was exposed to or put in in danger while under the custody of a parent(s).
  7. A child was exposed to illegal activity such as: Drug use, drug sales, domestic violence etc.
  8. Statute of Limitations has expired, speak to a local lawyer about how the statute of limitations may relate to your case.

Can you help me find a lawyer?

If in California and you need a Local Juvenile Dependency attorney, we may be able to help. If not, you need to find help. You should contact a local attorney on your own to discuss your case and get legal advice about your statute of limitations and the intricacies of your legal matter.

If you’re still involved in the juvenile court, you need to hire a Juvenile Dependency attorney in your state right now, the American Bar Association maybe able to help. If you or your children have been harmed by the system you need to contact a personal injury attorney in your state, right now.

Children and Family Services Lawyers

At, we hold our family law attorneys to high standards to make sure you get the highest quality lawyers to represent you. All of our lawyers have a minimum of two decades of expertise practicing family law, malpractice insurance, and no record of disciplinary action from the State Bar of California or any other bar association. We also grade our lawyers internally through client surveys and take any complaints or disputes extremely seriously. has broadened its services to offer lawyers in several different areas of family law we may provide: Adoption lawyers, child custody lawyers, child Support lawyers, divorce lawyers and lawyers in other family law areas.

If it is best that a family law attorney handle your case, may be able to arrange a free initial consultation with a lawyer in your area to discuss possible action. After this initial consultation, it is at your and your lawyer’s discretion whether or not to further pursue your family law case together.

You can contact us via our website 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call toll-free at 1-888-973-7968 or submit your case online.


Why We're Different

If you have never had the need for an attorney and don’t know where to turn, finding an attorney at random, through the phonebook or internet, can be a risky venture. We are proud of the stringent qualifications that maintains for each attorney on our panel. was founded with the primary goal of making qualified, experienced, time-tested legal counsel available to every person, not just those who have the means and know-how to retain counsel.

  • We only offer experienced attorneys with at least 20 years experience
  • is State Bar certified
  • Over 1 Billion dollars in verdicts and settlements*
  • All our attorneys are insured for your protection
  • Our attorneys have no disciplinary record with any bar association
  • Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

*"One Billion Dollars In Verdicts and Settlements" Over the course of their individual careers, our panel member attorneys have collectively won over 1 billion dollars in verdicts and settlements for their clients. This does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

**"No Win, No Fee" - Excludes all cases except personal injury cases. Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. panel member attorneys may be able to take other cases on a contingency fee basis, however, as specific legal matters may vary, certain cases may require hourly fees.

*The referral is free not the attorney.