Joe Hand Promotions Lawsuit

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In recent years, the popularity of mixed martial arts fights have increased drastically. With its vast popularity combined with a huge fan base, there is no wonder that businesses want to show these fights in their establishments. If you desire to show an event such as a UFC pay-per-view fight in a place of business, you need to first pay for the rights to do so. Many people believe that because they paid the price for a private pay per view showing gives them the full right to show this event in their restaurant or bar. However, this is not the case. In order to show a pay-per-view event in a business, you must first pay a commercial fee to the company. If you do not pay this additional fee, you are subject to a lawsuit for television piracy. If you have received a letter on behalf of Joe Hand Promotions closed circuit television, you may want to talk with an attorney as soon as possible.

Joe Hand Promotions Lawsuit

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TV Piracy Lawyer

Showing a boxing match, UFC fight, or some other pay-per-view event in your business without paying the proper commercial fee could render you responsible for paying a hefty fine. Enlisting the help of an experienced pay per view defense lawyer from may be able to help you negotiate in order to reduce, settle, or eliminate any fees incurred as a result of copyright actions. These television piracy lawsuits are taken very seriously and could potentially result in a great financial loss. Thousands of small business owners have already received a letter from a representative at Joe Hand Promotions regarding a tv piracy lawsuit. If found guilty of this, you could be facing a variety of different fines. It has been reported that a maximum award for a satellite and copyright violation could be up to $260,000. With the stakes being so high, it may be a good idea to consult with an experienced attorney.
Damages, or monetary compensation that you owe Joe Hand Promotions, vary greatly when it comes to these types of cases. If you received a letter from Joe Hand Promotions, you should probably speak with an attorney immediately. This situation cannot be ignored, and doing so may ultimately result in losing your business. Contact now and we may be able to help connect you to an experienced lawyer today.

Joe Hand Promotions Lawsuit
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