Denied Insurance Claims

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We may help you find a lawyer for denied insurance claims. If you have a insurance policy that was wrongfully denied, you may want to speak with an experienced lawyer.  Furthermore, the most common and devastating reason for filing a bad faith lawsuit against an insurance company is the outright denial of a claim.  Insurance companies will often look for ways around covering potentially expensive claims.  Insurance carriers can deny claims in all areas of insurance, including but not limited to: Fire, burglary, flood, toxic mold, life, car, classic car, jewelry, home owners, construction, farm, health, professional, commercial building and pension.  If you feel your insurer has denied a claim that should be covered in your policy you may have grounds for filing an denied insurance claim lawsuit.

Find a Lawyer for Denied Insurance Claims

Finding a lawyer who is experienced in the area of denied insurance claims is difficult, has a special panel of attorneys who are experienced in denied insurance claims is. Our lawyers understand that as a policy holder you rely on your insurance company to help you in a time of need. You hold your insurance company in good faith to compensate you after injury, death, loss or contractual obligation. If your insurance company has failed to provide you your due compensation or has defrauded you; you may be the victim of insurance bad faith. You need the best insurance lawyer you can find. is here to help you find a insurance lawyer qualified by’s high standards. At, we have a special panel of top notch lawyer’s who practice denied insurance claims is. If you need a lawyer to sue insurance a insurance company, can give you access to some of the best insurance lawyers in California. If you insurance company as acted in a “clear act of bad faith” you should contact the best insurance lawyer you can find.

Examples of Insurance Bad Faith:

  • If your insurance company does not pay a valid claims such as: Disability claims, theft claimslife insurance benefit clams, property damage claims, business insurance claims, etc.
  • If you have a valid claim for protection against a law suit and your insurance company does not defend against a lawsuit (homeowners insurance, for your business insurance policy, etc.).
  • If you have a valid claim for compensation and your insurance company does not give you what you deserve and fails to settle with you within your policy limits.

Types of Insurance Lawsuits

  • If you have been denied homeowners insurance claim
  • Denied a claim to your expensive automobile (Ferrari, Porsche, Classic Cars, Maybach)
  • A claim for a commercial building or for your a business insurance claim
  • Denied a insurance construction claim
  • Denied a insurance disability benefit
  • Your insurance company denied a life insurance benefit
  • Your insurance company will not pay a expensive health insurance claim such as long term care

 Lawyer for a Denied Insurance Claim is a State Bar of California-certified lawyer referral service that helps clients gain access to qualified, trial-tested insurance claim attorneys. Our panel member attorneys can help individuals with  denied insurance claims. A Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) is an organization that refers potential clients to attorneys in private firms or legal organizations to help with their specific legal issue. Lawyer referral services organize panels of attorneys from private firms in different fields of law. If you need assistance finding a lawyer, contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Denied Insurance Claims
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