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Regardless of what police claim an individual did, law enforcement is never permitted to use excessive force when arresting or detaining an individual. The part that gets misconstrued is that the definition of “excessive force” is unclear which can make it tough for an individual to prove they have a police brutality case. Luckily here at, we have a number of experienced lawyers on our panel that we may be able to refer directly to you. We hold our lawyers to high standards to make sure you get the highest quality police brutality and misconduct lawyer to represent you. All of our lawyers have a minimum of twenty years of experience practicing law, with no record of disciplinary action from the State Bar.

Police brutality and misconduct can span a great deal of different civil rights violations. A civil rights violation occurs when a police officer uses an amount of force that is more than necessary; “excessive force”. There is no concise definition for what is considered excessive, which is why you deserve the best legal representation you can get. Here at, our attorneys may help with police brutality, excessive force, unlawful or excessive detention cases. The bigger the damages, the better the case. You can contact us via our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. has staff to assist you in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Give us a call toll-free at 1-888-973-7968 or submit your case online now!

Physically Assaulted by Law Enforcement

If you have been the victim of a physical assault by law enforcement you should know that your civil rights, as protected by law, have been violated. If law enforcement officers have abused their power by committing these malicious acts, they have infringed upon your rights and you now have the right to legal recourse. No officer has free reign to use force immoderately or in excess, however, it is unfortunate to say that these cases are anything but uncommon. is proud to have a team of knowledgeable and experienced civil rights lawyers that we can put you in contact with today. Being physically assaulted by an officer of the law is not tolerable in any case and if you, or someone you know, has been the victim of this you need legal representation. is a State Bar of California-certified lawyer referral service who connects those in need of legal assistance with competent and experienced attorneys. Our panel of attorneys include a large variety of criminal lawyers that specialize in police brutality cases. If you have been physically assaulted by law enforcement and have faced serious injuries or damages, enlisting a the help of an experienced and trusted police brutality lawyer is likely in your best interest. Contact now!

Unlawful of Excessive Detention

Excessive detention is the situation in which an individual knowingly or negligibly violates the law by detaining a person for more than the allowable number of days. If an officer of the law has used excessive detention, they are liable to civil damages received by the detainee as a result of this illegal act. is a State Bar Certified attorney referral service whose lawyers all have a minimum of two decades practicing law. Our lawyers are competent, experienced, and knowledgeable about unlawful and excessive detention cases and may provide you the highest quality representation in your area. No one should have to deal with being unconventionally detained, so if you or anyone you know have been subjected to this unlawful act, contact now to get connected to a proficient police brutality and misconduct lawyer in your area.

 Law Enforcement’s Reputation

Unfortunately, incidents in law enforcement have chipped away at the profession. For  instance, the City of Cincinnati experienced a series of riots after the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old black male by a white police officer, on April 7, 2001. CNN reported in  March 1991, that “Rodney King became a reluctant symbol of police brutality when amateur photographer George Holliday provided evidence that was hard to ignore. The videotape Holliday shot showed several white Los Angeles police officers using their batons to beat King.” For many, the King riots were just echoes of riots past in Los Angeles and elsewhere. At their core in many instances was the loss of confidence communities had in their police departments. Headline incidents, especially those involving perceived abuse against persons of color, have undermined the trust endowed to law enforcement. These incidents not only harmed the reputation of law enforcement,but led to social unrest and a breakdown in the rule of law. The net result of these actions  is a loss of the ability to police. Once public confidence wanes, suspicion on any aspect of police performance becomes the norm. Officers and departments increasingly find themselves on the receiving end of misconduct complaints, which furthers the mistrust issue regardless of the substantiation  of the misconduct. Both the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board and  Frazier 3 District of Columbia Office of Police Complaints have experienced a 12% and 27%  increase respectively in complaints over the previous year. The availability of  instantaneous mass media compounds the misconduct issue, placing such incidents more prominently in the public eye. In the Politics of Force, Regina G. Lawrence conducted a study regarding the frequency  with which police uses of force appear in the print media. The study revealed such  incidents rose from virtually zero in the national press in 1985-1989 to many hundreds in  1991-94. Today, a simple query of “police misconduct” on Google news, results in 4 out of the top ten articles discussing some form of police misconduct: “Two police officers charged with official misconduct;” “Reprimand for police in sex attack case;” “Patrolman may lose job over alleged misconduct;” “Ex-officer at South Bend Juvenile Correctional Facility charged” were all prominent for the casual viewer on April 17,  2007. Simply Googling “police misconduct” returned about 1,400,000 hits on a recent date. Twenty-four hours later, the same query returned more than 1,510,000. From the small town to the metropolis, the Web offers mass media at the fingertips. The Web also allows advocacy groups to impact police/public trust nationally. The presence of groups to monitor police conduct, such as Copwatch (, has achieved greater prominence as a result of available mass media. These organizations may be well intentioned; they may also further fuel the mistrust some have in their police force.


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