School Board Discrimination and Violation of Free Speech

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An increasingly common problem in today’s world is discrimination and suppression of free speech by the school board. Going back to the 1950’s with the landmark United States Supreme Court case Brown V Board of Education, separate is never equal. It is common knowledge that establishing separate standards for individuals in a public school based on their race, ethnicity, or color is completely unlawful. This decision overturned the Plessy V Ferguson decision of 1896 which allowed state-sponsored segregation in school settings. It is well known that there is absolutely no place in public schools for discrimination, yet it still happens. School Board discrimination and violation of free speech is a serious problem. A recent complaint filed states:

“In violation of the Brown Act, at multiple CUSD Public Board Meetings, the School Board have systematically silenced peaceful protests of several Latino Activist Parents’, including several Plaintiffs, as they attempted to speak out about Hispanic and Latino educational rights (including ESL instruction) at public comment time. The CUSD, by and thought the School Board and specifically the Board Defendant, directed School Police, up to eight officers, and the Police Chief, to arrest Hispanic and Latinos and escort them out of the public meeting” believes strongly that a public school should be a place where students, regardless of race, can come to gain knowledge. No one should be subjected to discrimination in a place of education. If you or someone you know feel that your free speech has been violated or that you have been the subject of discriminatory acts, it is in your best interest to find a good attorney. may be able to help connect you to an attorney in your area today. The complaint goes on to to say:

 Discrimination and Violation of Free Speech

“On approximately six occasions over the last two years, the CUSD, School Board and School Police have systematically “dispersed” and shutdown Plaintiffs and certain activist parents as they attempted to engage in peaceful protests for educational rights on public sidewalks. In several instances, the Board members arrived on the public scene with School Police officers, in an attempt to disperse the protesters and to threaten them with arrest. In the process these Defendants confiscated their signs, threatened to deport them, threatened to arrest them, and the School Police, at the direction of the CUSD and School Board engaged in a pattern and practice of regular harassment, stalking and intimidation of the Plaintiffs to and from work, school, and home.”

“Defendants have knowingly failed to implement adequate policies, procedures, training, and accountability mechanisms to prevent unlawful discrimination against Latinos, and in the case of School Police, has affirmatively changed certain policies to facilitate its discriminatory policing activities all of which are carried out with the knowledge of the CUSD and the School Board.”

“Defendant School Police has failed to collect and/or analyze data necessary to identify and correct discriminatory practices. Defendants lack and effective system to track and analyze its enforcement operations, including vehicle traffic stops of Latinos, traffic stops, citations, and arrests. These data are collected and analyzed by many other law enforcement agencies as a means of preventing discriminatory policing.”

 Find a Discrimination Attorney

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School Board Discrimination and Violation of Free Speech
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