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Filing a Complaint with the California State Bar is a important process. Below is how to do that. If you need a new attorney you have come to the right place. is a California State Bar-certified lawyer referral service. Finding an attorney on your own maybe a mistake. If you need a lawyer let us help you find one our Minimum Requirements for Panel Membership: We only offer experienced attorneys with at least 20 years experience, all our attorneys are insured for your protection and our attorneys have no disciplinary record with any bar association. Quick Facts: is a California State Bar certified lawyer referral service, our panel members have over 1 Billion dollars in verdicts and settlements*, we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, has multilingual representatives (Spanish, French and Portuguese) and can refer potential clients to lawyers with bilingual staff. may be able to refer you to an attorney who, in certain cases, may be able to take your case on a contingency fee basis. This means simply that you don’t pay legal fees unless you win.

Find a New Lawyer

If you need a new lawyer, is a good place to start. If you need to file a complaint against a lawyer, may be able to help. You can contact us online or by phone to submit your brief case summary. If we are able to assist you in your matter, will refer you to a lawyer to discuss your case and possibly represent you. If we cannot assist you in your specific legal matter, we may provide you with the names of other bar association-sponsored organizations, referral services, or other information that may prove helpful in your search for a lawyer. In the state of California, lawyer referral services must be certified and approved by the State Bar of California and must conform to the Rules and Regulations of the State Bar of California. has been certified as a lawyer referral service and meets the standards required by the State Bar of California.


In order to evaluate and process your complaint, please complete the California Attorney Complaint Form below and provide as many of the following items as possible:

  • A copy of any written fee agreement with the attorney. If there was no written agreement, please explain your understanding regarding payment to your attorney (for fees, costs, etc.)
  • Copies of the front and back sides of all cancelled checks and/or copies of receipts showing payments made by you to the attorney.
  • Copies of all correspondence between you and the attorney.
  • A written explanation of the exact nature of your complaint. Explain what the attorney did or did not do that forms the basis of your complaint.
  • The last date you were in contact with the attorney and what occurred at that time.
  • The title of the case, the case number and the name of the court. (For example: Smith v. Jones, Case No. 1234, Los Angeles County Superior Court.)
  • Copies of any pertinent court documents in your possession.
  • If you have hired a new attorney, please provide his or her name, address and telephone number.
  • Your daytime telephone number.
  • The number of attorneys in the law firm involved in your complaint. 1 for Solo Practitioner, 2-10 for a Small Law Firm and 11+ for a Large Law Firm. If you don’t know, state “Unknown.”

When providing documents to the State Bar, please send copies only. All documents received, whether originals or copies, become the property of the State Bar and are subject to future destruction.

The State Bar will review and evaluate your complaint to determine whether investigation and prosecution is appropriate. You will be notified of our decision in writing. Thank you for your cooperation.

The State Bar of California
Office of the Chief Trial Counsel

Complaint Form  (PDF version)

Fill out all spaces on the California Attorney Complaint Form completely. Provide your name, address, zip code and telephone numbers (work and home).

Please mail, do not fax, your complaint form to:

Office of the Chief Trial Counsel/Intake
The State Bar of California
1149 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, California 90015-2299

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File a Complaint Against A Lawyer
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